Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Kali-yuga cs out now

Pure darkness with no aggression from the Finnish psychedelic noise-drone master, Haare. Beautifully old-skool maneuver with circular-saw-tamburas and feedbacking plastic mics. Soundtrack to these here dark days in the endless tunnel of relentless emotional stabbing with little release but to 4-track. If you went to this tape’s funeral you’d come home with no eyes, but with the ability to see without any. -TA “Digging this shiiiiiiiiiit! Super dark! This sound was in my brain when I started Sick Head.” - RS

I have copies available now.
Finland 5.50e, Europe 6.50e, ROW 7.50e.
Includes priority shipping inside the EU, Economy shipping for the rest of the world.
You can also get them with other Sick head goodies straight from the label:

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