Monday, 12 March 2012


Haare - Rautapilvi /// one-sided LP; ltd., hand-numbered edition of 100

Finnish occult sound-smasher Haare presents a new work, 20 minutes of ritualistic terror, some sounds taken with kind permission from Circle's Forest LP (a house favorite here at Prison Tatt.) Call it a "collaboration," a "remix," call it Rautapilvi. Listen to this record the way you would Tangerine Dream's Zeit, or your favorite Roland Kayn record—nice and loud, and on a good system (if possible); let Rautapilvi fill the room, the house. We're long-time fans of Haare here at the label, and are honored and grateful to Ilkka for allowing us to bring you this historic release, possessed of great power and creeping dread. Front cover design by the artist; sleeves printed by Seizure Palace.

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